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Are You Nü?

We're not your granddad's RVing community. NüRVers.com is for the next wave of adventurous, fun-loving and forward-thinking road trippers. Leave your powder blue jumpsuit at grandma's and pull up a chair at our portable tiki bar to experience the NüRVer way.

What's Nü?

The NüRVer is a free-spirited traveler who seeks fun and adventure in a slightly different way. Instead of waiting for that "someday" that may never come, we've decided to hit the road now before it's too late. Many of us have found Nü and inventive ways of making a living while pursuing our passion for adventure.

The NüRVer is open-minded and unafraid to step away from convention. We create our own path in life, and celebrate our uniqueness with other like-minded vagabonds.

The goal of NüRVers.com is to build our tribe in the RVing community. We're here to share interests and ideas, discuss the benefits and hassles of working on the road, and to try to bring our worlds a little closer by holding spontaneous gatherings on occasion.

You don't have to be a young fulltime RVer to be Nü, you only have to think Nü

Join the NüRVers community today and find others that share this common bond.

Visit our Member Map that allows you to mark your current location so you can meet other NüRVers and share the adventure!

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